First steps into Goobi-to-go

Getting started

Login data

How to login into Goobi workflow?

Goobi workflow allows the login of different users with different responsibilities and permissions. The following user accounts are preconfigured in this Goobi-to-go:

Login Password Description
goobi goobi Administrator account
testadmin test Administrator account
testscanning test User account for uploading content
testqc test User account for manual Image QA
testmetadata test Account for metadata enrichment work
testimaging test User account for manual image optimisation
testprojectmanagement test Project manager account

How to login into Goobi viewer?

To use the comment functions in the Goobi viewer, users can register independently. For the backend, however, users must obtain an account with administrative rights. In this Goobi-to-go an exemplary account with administrative rights is available:

Login Password Description
[email protected] goobi Administrator account

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